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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Groove audio stream BACK ONLINE! - Updated 21 Sept.

We're trialling the newer AACPlus streaming format which means it uses half the amount of data but the same or better audio quality! For example, if you have just a 3GB data plan, you can now listen 3 hours a day, every single day of the month and still have heaps of your plan left! As a bonus, with most tracks, you get a look at the album cover as well.

Please try out the player on the right and let us know your thoughts or any issues you have. If you can't listen on another website or way that you used to, please let us know.
It's also back up and running on mobile devices (through the Tunein app and, as of 20/9/12 on the NZ Radio app).

Click here to open a link to listen on your PC through Winamp, I-tunes, Windows media player (Vers 12), Media player classic, VLC etc. Note: With Windows media player, you need to click the seek bar to get it started.

So, the stream is back up but we need your support to keep it there. (Donate/Subscribe below the player).