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Friday, February 24, 2012

New player works worldwide!

We went out and got ourselves a nice new radio (on the right) so that everyone can listen no matter what country you live in.

If it won't work for you or if you'd like to listen while checking out our links or other web pages, use this Alternate player link (Tunein radio) to play the audio stream.

Please let us know if the player doesn't work for you, along with the country you are in. Drop us a line at and use the alternate player in the meantime.

Also let us know if it would be useful to you to have the other player back up somewhere so that you can 'Pause live radio' and not miss that great tune or interview.

Save on data!

We've also re-jigged the streaming doofer (installed and configured a new streaming encoder) so that it will now use at least 25% less of your data (good for mobile devices) but should still be CD quality stereo!

Have a listen. For example, if you have just a 3GB per month data plan you could listen to Groove for 2 hours a day, every day of the month! (128Kb/s).
(I feel like I could get a sales job for an Internet service provider).

The Groovemiester.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Photos & video from The Summer Vineyard Tour featuring Aloe Blac, Tiki Taane, Annabel Fay & the John Butler Trio

Dean, P-Honey and the Coffee Bar Kid headed over to Daisy hill farm on Sunday, 5th Feb to check out the action.  Here's a few photos of the evening:

Annabel Fay warms up the crowd

Tiki Taane puts in a great acoustic set and educates us on 'Fracking'

Aloe Blac in full flight, clearly adding his dollar's worth!

John Buttler puts on a stella performance

The CoffeeBar Kid with Tki Taane

Check out the coffeeBar Kid's video of John Butler, live at Daisy bank farm last weekend.