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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Big OE

Hi, ho. We're back. The website is back up. Check it out at, especially the Grooveland Section. Send us in your favourite photos and stories and we'll add them. Big news this week. Well, in town for Dec 6 and 7 is OE:Brazil featuring Hollie Smith, Barnaby Weir, Maaka Phat and a host of Brazillian Players. This is not to be missed. They'll be at the San Francisco Bathouse from 10PM each nite. Zip over to Real Groovy to pick up a ticket.

Xmas is around the corner, only 18 Sleeps, whew! Groove is featuring your favourite Groovy Xmas songs right now, so tune in.

Speaking of on air, welcome Andy and Tim! Andy's got he Comedy show on Groove around 7PM on Monday nites - check out the live and less than dead (LOL) recordings. Say goodbye to Monday Blues!

Eco kiddies can check out the Ecobots Children's Show on Saturday mornings with Leah - details on the Website.

Next year, Groove will being going Organic - no we're not going to be rolling in the mud! - we'll be at the Organic River Festival 27-28 January, Broadcasting live on the local airspace and up on stage! Check for details.

More news as it happens.... later

Milky Bar Kid