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Friday, November 06, 2009

WOMAD hits the 'Naki, Once Again!

We, at Groove are super excited. We popped along to Parliament last Tuesday and were a part of the launch of WOMAD, a major side project of the Taranaki Arts Festival. Last year was a blast and this year will be even better. Dean and Tim are planning again to head up to New Plymouth and will be crossing live to the studio, blogging and posting on the Weekend of 12-14 March.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. What's on offer? Well among the events are over 6 stages with constant acts, a kids area that is better than any crech+library+craft house you ever went to. Then there's camping, circulating arts events, a monks' tent (from Tibet) and food galore (not hot dogs and chips but real good local and international stuff!) not to mention an international market.

Artists to watch, (assuming you have time!) Are: Calexico (very excited about them), Don McGlashin's reincarnation; the Bellbirds, a 10 piece called Babylon Circus; Eddi Reader (Fairground attraction - It's got to be...Perfect!); Eliades Ochoa from the Buena Vista Social Club; Ethiopiques (One of the original funksters from that part of the world) Hypnotic Brass Ensemble ( the Eight siblings of Sun Ra's Trumpeter, Phil Cohran); Newcomer Iva Lankum from Welli; Rapper Ladi 6 LA mitchell from NZ and heaps more.

You gotta GO this year! We'll be doing a pile of special features leading up to the festival so stay tuned!

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