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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sad news - No more Ruby Lounge

Just as they were coming up to Summer - the glory time for bars, the plug was pulled on Wellington's custom designed performance bar and resturaunt for the slightly older among us.

As so often is the case, it was exactly the sort of venue that people had been saying Wellington needed for so long but if you don't go out and support these ventures that people bravely put their time, money, hearts and souls into, then they're not going to last. Maybe people are happy to just know that it exists and not feel the need to actually go and visit. Sadly it doesn't work like that - and now it doesn't exist.

All the best to Alun, Laura, Tony and the team. Here's hoping for a resurection.

(Remember not to let GROOVE 107.7FM go the same way).

The Groovemiester.