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Business Edge software

Support Groove FM and get your computer running better by grabbing yourself a copy of the PC Cleanup application from our associate business: The Business Edge NZ ltd.

For 3 years I've been working on how to get people's PC's running faster and more reliably without them having to spend virtually any time setting up settings or reading instructions.
Make a donation of only NZ$25.00 and we'll send you a copy as a thank you. (Approx US$17.30 as at Apr 2016).

Over that period I've developed and been refining my PC Cleanup application which is unlike any other application available;
  • Speeds up boot up time (up to 63% or more), general performance speed and resolves many issues (Mouse freezing, applications crashing etc)
  • Often avoids the need to wipe the PC Hard drive and start from scratch!
  • It does all the PC 'Housekeeping' that a PC support technician might do manually but faster and without any input you (or the technician!)
  • IT Support staff tend to have a couple of favourite things they like to do to speed up or repair a PC but it's hard to tell which one is going to work for a particular PC;
  • The PC cleanup solves this by covering all the bases, doing them all in one hit, automatically!
  • An experienced Technician doing the same thing manually would take at least a couple of hours but now, after 15 seconds setup once, you can just 'double click' and walk away, confident that no area's of potential slowdown or glitch are missed!
  • Logs results on the PC and a summary log remotely enabling the ability to check whether and when a PC Cleanup was previously run
  • No complicated installation needed on the PC
  • Already used on over 800 PC's without a single issue
  • Analysed and approved for use in a large, leading NZ government department
  • Nothing else like it on the market that I know of
  • Think of the time saved with a faster, more reliable PC
  • With the 'Enterprise' or 'Per user' licence, hundreds of machines can be run remotely at a set time (e.g. over night), taking less than a minute to set up with the free, simple remote kickoff module.
What do people think?

"My PC is running brilliantly after you ran the clean up - start up is much quicker and no problems during the day with crashes etc- thanks!" - User in NZ Government dept.
"It makes our life so much easier" - Servicedesk team member

How much is it then?

The special price for Groove FM listeners is: $25 per PC instead of $28 for a single 5 year licence!
(There is no GST charged)
or choose one of these licence options for multiple machines:
NZ$33 per user, for use on any number of machines or
NZ$500 for a Site licence useable by unlimited users on an unlimited number of machines.

Click the button below to pay securely by credit card or Paypal. You'll then be taken to a download location and can immediately use PC Cleanup.
In addition, a 5 year licence key will arrive by email within 24 hours.

If you prefer, you may call or email us with credit card details or we can provide bank details to pay into.


(See the notes on running it at the bottom of the page).
So what does it actually do?
If you like reading or removing the mystery (probably wise when talking about software), here are the 15 steps it performs:
  • Automatically deletes local Windows profiles that have been unused for a length of time specified by you (default 150 days) including registry entries not just the profile folder
  • Empties temp folders and temporary internet file folders from all remaining profiles 
  • Clears Windows temp folders
  • Clears temporary files from anywhere else on the hard drive
  • Runs Microsofts disk cleanup using customised settings to delete old setup files, dump files, old error reports and chkdsk files
  • Empties recycle bins for all users (not just the person logged in at the time)
  • Sets system restore to only use 6% of the HDD (with the size of todays drives, more than this just wastes drive space)
  • For machines used on larger networks, clears .ost files (if they exist) to allow them to re-create from the exchange server. This fixes Outlook email issues when in cached mode as the files can get corrupted and bloated, it also helps the defragmenter to run more efficiently
  • Logs current level of disk fragmentation
  • Runs a disk defragmentation once the drive is cleared out if fragmentation is 1% or higher whether the machine is 32 or 64 bit.
  • Skips defragmentation if the machine has a Solid state hard drive (SSD) as there is negligible speed gain with SSD's and the 'read/write load' during defrag is considered unnecessary
  • Re-boots and runs a Check disk and repair prior to launching Windows. This can fix a number of issues such as 'Blue screens', applications crashing etc.
  • A full log is kept on the C drive either in 'Verbose' or 'Summary' form (showing the number of deleted files and drive space reclaimed)
  • If run over a network, a one line summary is logged in a remote location on the network (so you can check whether and when a machine had a PC Cleanup run and who by)
  • The PC is left at the login screen, ready for you to log in to your faster PC!
  • Save time and hassle with the PC Cleanup!
Dean Conland

For support or other enquiries - email:
PO Box 10989 
The Terrace 
Wellington 6145
New Zealand
The first time you you run PC Cleanup:

Just save it somewhere on your C drive. (In a corporate/networked environment, copy it to a network location - 'Per user' or 'Enterprise' licence needed).

To run it, it's just a double click and it's off, but the first time you run it, it asks you to enter:
  • the age of user profiles to ignore (in days - the default is 150). This means that, if you have different people that log in under different usernames, anyone who hasn't logged into the machine within the last 150 days (5 months or whatever number of days you set) will have their data removed. If you are unsure, set this value higher.
  • any profile names (Usernames) that you want to make sure it will leave alone as well (Usernames are listed in the 'C:\Users' folder or 'C:\Documents and settings' for windows XP). Administrator and system accounts are left intact by default. Any Profile names entered here will be kept intact regardless of the number of days entered above.
  • Whether you want full (verbose) or summary logging in the C drive log (i.e. The name of every file deleted outside of the local profiles and Recycle bin or just the total number of files deleted).

You can just press 'Enter' to accept the defaults. This only happens once but these settings are saved for the future so they don't have to be entered each time. 

By downloading or using the PC Cleanup you agree that:
  • Although much care has been taken, the nature of the application is that it deletes files and so, as you should in any situation, you agree to backup important files elsewhere.
  • Although unlikely, we cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage incurred from using this software.
  • You will not reverse engineer or sell the application.
  • The current version of PC Cleanup has been tested for use on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

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