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Monday, September 24, 2012

See final Live below the line diary entry and food summary in entry below this one.

We're doing it this week but if you want to join in, you can pick any 5 days to do the challange yourself - Can you live on less than $2.25 for food per day for 5 days (for a great cause)?

Join at the link below.

We had a chat to Will Waterson from the Global Poverty Project, the guy who brought 'Live below the line' to NZ to find out what it's all about...

Thought for the day...

If you have any money in your bank, in your wallet and some spare change in a dish somewhere, you are among the top 8% of the worlds most wealthy people.
Why not contribute some of that spare change to help eradicate extreme poverty in our livetime.
300 times the population of the New Zealand live on less than what $2.25 buys a day in here.

Please click this link now and to go to the Groove Live below the line page and sponsor the Groove team with all proceeds going to the Global poverty project.

Our much missed former Prime Minister on Living below the line.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's not to late to donate! - Updated 1st October. See diary below.

Please click this link now and sponsor the Groove team with all proceeds going to the Global poverty project.
We have set up a Groove team to take on the 'Live below the line' challenge; to live for 5 days on less than NZ$2.25 a day which is the NZ equivalent of the extreme poverty level.
Why? To draw attention to the 1.4 Billion people in the world who live there every day without the choice to do any different, and to raise funds for the Global Poverty Project which aims to eradicate extreme poverty in our lifetime.
Please click here to sponsor our team, read more, or join the team and take the challange yourself!
The idea in a nutshell
Diary Update:
Final day Friday!:
Toady for lunch and dinner we had:
  • Mildy curried sort of fried rice with the left over Pumkin, Carrots and remaining tinned crushed tomatoes. Still tasted good (by now anything tastes pretty good, though!)
The biggest test for me was on Friday evening at a birthday party in a pub function room. It was pretty tough having plates of hot food offered to us and having to say no, and then people would offer to buy me a drink and I'd have to turn that down as well and stick to my water. The reason for this is that the rules state that even if people give you food or drink it has to be factored into the budget.

I found my self counting down the minutes to midnight. In the end we were home by midnight and I rewarded myself with a nice piece of cake which tasted great. The reality is that we were only living at the poverty line for 5 days - (and we only factored in food, not all other living expenses). You can put up with just about anything if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But for the 1.4 Billion with no choice about it, there is no light, unless we light it for them. If you haven't yet, please donate at the link below.

So what was the grand total?
Click below for the total $ we consumed, a total ingredients list, and the rest of the weeks diary:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Groove audio stream BACK ONLINE! - Updated 21 Sept.

We're trialling the newer AACPlus streaming format which means it uses half the amount of data but the same or better audio quality! For example, if you have just a 3GB data plan, you can now listen 3 hours a day, every single day of the month and still have heaps of your plan left! As a bonus, with most tracks, you get a look at the album cover as well.

Please try out the player on the right and let us know your thoughts or any issues you have. If you can't listen on another website or way that you used to, please let us know.
It's also back up and running on mobile devices (through the Tunein app and, as of 20/9/12 on the NZ Radio app).

Click here to open a link to listen on your PC through Winamp, I-tunes, Windows media player (Vers 12), Media player classic, VLC etc. Note: With Windows media player, you need to click the seek bar to get it started.

So, the stream is back up but we need your support to keep it there. (Donate/Subscribe below the player).

Monday, September 10, 2012

PLEASE READ: A personal appeal from Groove founder, Dean Conland

If all of our listeners donated just $1 to Groove a month, we would never have to broadcast another commercial again. Our future would be assured we could obtain a licence to broadcast on 1000 times the power, and we could add more interesting program content. Unfortunately not everyone is going to do that, so we need you to consider contributing $5 or more a month. We have a 'Subscribe' option to make it easy (right hand side of this page).

If you enjoy Groove, you owe it to yourself and other Wellingtonians with style and musical taste to click the button below or on the right and help us in our time of need!

People pay up to $70 a month for subscriber TV so how bad would $5 a month or $20 every now and then be (donate button to the right for a one off of any amount) to ensure you can listen to your favourite music on Wellington's locally owned and operated cafe style radio station, the only one of its kind in NZ.

Pay as much or as little as you can and we'll love you for ever!

Remember you can catch the news on Groove with the 'Independent Network News', proudly Kiwi but not Auckland centric! Weekdays at 1pm, 5pm and 6pm on Groove 107.7FM. Incidentally, news sponsorship is available at only $70 per week including naming rights and promos.
Cheers for your support of Groove 107.7FM - A station that's actually NZ owned and handmade in Wellington for your listening pleasure!


This week on the 'Kid' - we talk to author Chris Cleave

“Cleave goes for the gold and brings it home in his thrillingly written and emotionally rewarding novel about the world of professional cycling … Cleave expertly cycles through the characters’ tangled past and present, charting their ever-shifting dynamic as ultra-competitive Zoe and Kate are forced to decide whether winning means more to them than friendship … Cleave likewise pulls out all the stops getting inside the hearts and minds of his engagingly complex characters. The race scenes have true visceral intensity, leaving the reader feeling breathless … From start to finish, this is a truly Olympic-level literary achievement.” – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)