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Monday, September 10, 2012

PLEASE READ: A personal appeal from Groove founder, Dean Conland

If all of our listeners donated just $1 to Groove a month, we would never have to broadcast another commercial again. Our future would be assured we could obtain a licence to broadcast on 1000 times the power, and we could add more interesting program content. Unfortunately not everyone is going to do that, so we need you to consider contributing $5 or more a month. We have a 'Subscribe' option to make it easy (right hand side of this page).

If you enjoy Groove, you owe it to yourself and other Wellingtonians with style and musical taste to click the button below or on the right and help us in our time of need!

People pay up to $70 a month for subscriber TV so how bad would $5 a month or $20 every now and then be (donate button to the right for a one off of any amount) to ensure you can listen to your favourite music on Wellington's locally owned and operated cafe style radio station, the only one of its kind in NZ.

Pay as much or as little as you can and we'll love you for ever!

Remember you can catch the news on Groove with the 'Independent Network News', proudly Kiwi but not Auckland centric! Weekdays at 1pm, 5pm and 6pm on Groove 107.7FM. Incidentally, news sponsorship is available at only $70 per week including naming rights and promos.
Cheers for your support of Groove 107.7FM - A station that's actually NZ owned and handmade in Wellington for your listening pleasure!