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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tonite on the adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid

It's a Kiwi Xmas - plenty of Kiwiana tonite in tribute to the Kiwi Summer ahead.  Enjoy!  Thanks to everyone who's supported us over the year - advertisisers, artists, book sellers, publishers and authors.  And of course you, the listeners.  With out you we are not Groove! So thank you.  We wish everyone a happy and safe Xmas and a wonderful holiday - enjoy!

By the way check out the wonderful site - The Long White kid - (where I broowed the image on the left) :

See you at 7.30PM Tonite!

For Whom The Tinkerbell Tolls

Tinkerbell Jelly. Never heard of it? Well, neither have I, ever.
Occasionally I have been surprised by the stuff – well-known apparently – that has amazingly escaped me over the years of collecting, but I think I have most of it covered at this point.

A Google search – general and image – turns up almost no references. I love stuff like this, a total mystery.

It makes me wonder.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WOMAD Giveaway Time!

As part of the build up to the best time you can have in three days at one place we're giving away WOMAD smapler CD's all summer.  Simply email us your details to and tell us what act at this year you'd love to see and why.  For more info see the full line up at

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid - Tonite

Santa's on his way With 11 More sleeps.  Have you finished your Christmas Shopping ? What Not yet?
Well listen in tonite for a collection of books you should buy, read or gift.  See you at 7.30 PM Tonight!

On the list

Bookworm highlights for 2012
More Book Art

    Hobbit Launch - Red Carpet
    Frankfurt Book Fair

    Chris Cleave
  • Monstrocity - Original paintings on vintage, recycled book pages by Monster Kat
  • Book Art - Sculptures made from books
  • More Art made from Books - a whole variety
  • The Frankfurt Book Fair - New Zealand had a representation this year.
  • The Hobbit - a pretty big year.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dave Brubeck dies - age 92

Catch the Coffeebar Kid's tribute on-air tonight from 7.30pm NZ time.
For millions of Jazz Lovers who came of age in the 1950s, Dave Brubeck was jazz. His performances on college campuses, Top 40 radio play, his role as a jazz ambassador for the U.S., his picture on the cover of Time magazine — all made him one of the most recognized and recognizable musicians of the era.

He died Wednesday morning, the day before his 92nd birthday, in Norwalk, Connecticut of heart failure.

Brubeck's start in music was like the jazz he played: unorthodox. He never learned to read sheet music growing up. He refused classical training. And he developed his chops playing in a military band for Gen. George Patton's Third Army. In the '50s he formed a quartet with saxophone player Paul Desmond that broke into the Top 40 with "Blue Rondo à la Turk."

That song is in 9/8 time — a radical departure from the 4/4 rhythm that Brubeck says Americans were comfortable with at the time. Audiences weren't the only ones taken aback by his music. In interviews that aired on NPR's Jazz Profiles series, Brubeck and Desmond said their musical styles often clashed.
"I was very wild harmonically in those days," said Brubeck. "And the first chord I hit scared Desmond to the point where he thought I was stark raving mad."
"Well," said Desmond, "I was trying to play some sort of melodic chorus, and he would be in 15 different keys on an out-of-tune piano, and there were occasions where I was totally desperate about the situation."
Nevertheless, the two collaborated for decades. In 1959, a song that Desmond wrote earned the quartet its greatest success.
"Take 5" was named after the song's 5/4 time signature.
It appeared on the album Time Out with other tunes that jumped back and forth between different rhythms. The president of Columbia Records was excited that the album was so different from anything else on his label.
But Brubeck said the marketing department was not. "They said, 'You've broken all the rules — the unwritten laws of Columbia Records. You have all originals on this album. Also, you want to use a painting on the cover, and people can't dance to this.' "
Radio stations in Chicago and Detroit disagreed, playing "Take 5" repeatedly.
Brubeck saw the fruits of that exposure firsthand. "In Detroit," he said, "that whole ballroom was dancing in 5/4 — you know, where they throw couples up in the air and between their legs and over their shoulders."
The song climbed to No. 25 on Billboard's Hot 100. College students across the country were dancing to it. In fact, Brubeck made his name playing colleges in the early '50s. One of his early successes was his recording Jazz Goes to College.
After the original Dave Brubeck quartet broke up in the '60s, he came out with an album composed of music he once thought was too structured. In 1968, Brubeck collaborated with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on a religious piece called The Light in the Wilderness.
Jazz critic Nat Hentoff says he was blown away by Brubeck's transformation from jazz player to classical composer. "He's a much underrated composer. I heard a concerto — it was a religious work, and it was so powerful that it brought me to tears."
Later, Brubeck joined the Catholic Church. He became fascinated with composing religious fugues, operas and symphonies. That's not to say Brubeck stopped touring with his jazz groups — some of which included his sons.
Even after bouts of serious illness that forced him into a wheelchair, Brubeck seemed transformed as he sat at the piano — striking the keys with an energy he never seemed to lose. He played hundreds of gigs around the world almost till the end of his life.
Hentoff says Brubeck's professional longevity will be his legacy. "Professional musicians eventually may say, 'OK, we figured out some changes in rhythms that influenced us to think about.' But the main point is the vitality that keeps going. I always called jazz the life force and, my goodness, Mr. Brubeck exemplifies that."

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Thursday night on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid

We talk to Katchafire, who are set to do a gig at Lower Hutt's Station village over the Xmas Break. 

Eight strong and straight outta the Waikato, Katchafire have been at the forefront of NZ reggae for some ten years. Now making serious inroads in the US, the band return to their natural environment in support of their most recent album, the platinum-selling On The Road Again.

Opening for the band is Ladi6 - our own homegrown soul diva whose unmistakable smoky voice has graced tracks by The Adults, Shapeshifter, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Scribe and Opensouls, not to mention her own top selling, award winning (including the prestigious Taite prize) albums.

Friday 4 January – Station Village – Lower Hutt Read more here.

And we also interview Carol Bucknell -author of Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand.  Author Carol Bucknell and photographer Sally Tagg have travelled the length of New Zealand to capture more than twenty of our most impressive and interesting modern garden designs. The result is Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand, a stunningly photographed book celebrating some of the best contemporary gardens our country has to offer. With gardens ranging in style from cutting-edge minimalism to landscaping as architecture, Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand offers you the experience and enjoyment of a garden trail, all from the comfort of your own home.  Carol Bucknell is a garden writer and landscape designer. She is currently the gardens editor for Your Home & Garden magazine and also writes about gardens for Home NZ and Next. Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand is the second book she has written in collaboration with Sally Tagg. 

To have a peek inside this book, click here.

See you at 7.30 on Thursay night!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tonite's guest on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid - Donovan Bixley

It's a Kiwiana theme!  Tonite we talk to the wonder Donovan Bixley, illustrator and designer about his wonderful new 'Where's Wally style kid's book. His design company, Magma Design, is based in Taupo. Donovan has illustrated more than 100 stories and book covers as well as over 50 books, including Harry Hobnail & the Pungapeople and Mr Tanglewood & the Pungapeople by beloved New Zealand author Barry Crump. Donovan was the illustrator of the bestselling children's book The Wheels on the Bus (2010) and Old Macdonald's Farm (2011). He has also written and illustrated half a dozen books of his own, including Faithfully Mozart which was a finalist in the 2006 Montana New Zealand Book Awards.

Hours of fun for the kids - and the adults! The Looky Book is a puzzle book mostly for young children with 11 different puzzles all with colourful New Zealand landscapes, birds and animals. Find the numbers with the crazy All Black lambs, spot the difference: the mischievous keas have changed around somebody's campervan, find the animals hidden deep in the bush, match the farmers to their animals. Plus spot what's wrong in the weird and wonderful scenes: Should a kiwi be flying? Could a sheep round up the dogs? And why is there a penguin at the top of that tree? For the under 8s.

Available through Hachette - $20.00

Check Donovan's Website:

Also on the show, we feature music from the wonderful new collection: Kiwiana goes pop! 

Kiwiana Goes Pop is a unique celebration of all the sounds we have grown up with and is the soundtrack to every Kiwi's life (young and old). It encompasses and embraces over 60 years of classic Kiwiana, from the fifties right through to Kiwiana 2012 style. The compilation album will be released on November 16.

78 tracks which have been rounded up and herded into their appropriate pens - farm songs, pub songs, Rugby songs, Kiwi telly themes, Kiwi comedy, politics and just about everything in between.

The unique stories behind the songs are also told in a mini encyclopaedic 20 page booklet, filled with enough trivia to win you 10 meat packs at your local pub quiz.

While the track listing rings with instant recognition, over two thirds of the tracks appear on CD for the very first time.

The Contacts unreleased performance of ‘Ten Guitars' was recorded just weeks after Engelbert's version, and is the very first local outing of this imported kiwi party staple. The Chesdale Cheese ad was saved from a skip bin at the 11th hour and takes its place in our alternative national anthem chapter.

Music lovers can rejoice, as Ashley Clinton and his Sheep's Choir baa and bleat their way through ‘Pokarekare Ana,' while The Waikato Dairy Lab Singers advise us on how to treat our herd's teats (in song).

Barry Crump's ‘A Dog Named Blue' makes its CD debut ("Bought a dog off a bloke who was passing through, for a retread tyre and a beer or two"). And one of Kiwiana's most revered and well known tracks, Lou & Simon's ‘A Maori Car', has never been available since its original release in the mid-sixties. It now takes its place alongside Fred Dagg's ‘Gumboots', the stand-up comedy of Billy T.James, McPhail and Gadsby, Brian Edwards, Rod Derrett, Ash Burton, Gerry Merito (with and without The Howard Morrison Quartet), while Justin Brown puts a new twist on Kiwiana with his 2010 track ‘Good Keen Metrosexual'.

Kiwi TV themes such as ‘Country Calendar,' ‘C'mon,' ‘Graham Kerr- The Galloping Gourmet' and ‘Fergie Fang' (the first indigenous local kids show) also feature.

There's more Kiwiana on ‘Kiwiana goes Pop‘' than you can shake a stick at.

Kiwiana Goes Pop is released November 16.

Full Tracklisting below...


Chris Bourke (writer, historian & broadcaster) "Kiwiana Goes Pop is authoritative, scholarly and fun."

Murdoch Riley (Viking Sevenseas) "I have been in the New Zealand music industry for 55 years. Kiwiana goes Pop is the best compilation of local material that I have ever seen."

John Clarke (aka Fred Dagg) "Aahh yeah...she looks pretty interesting."

Richard Wolfe (writer & Kiwiana expert) "From Barry Crump to the National Anthem, taking in gumboots, Rob Muldoon and the State House, nothing is overlooked (not even the hu hu bug) in this mesmerising muster of essential Kiwi culture."

Max Cryer (Entertainer, writer and broadcaster) "The New Zealand Encyclopaedia provides history for the eye ... Kiwiana Goes Pop brings instant history to the ear."

See you at 7.30 Tonite only on Groove 107.7FM.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tonite on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid - The Story behind the Songs

Tonite we go head to head with freelancer Journo Simon Sweenman on his new book "On Song" all about some of the stories behind those well known Kiwi songs This special show will feature an interview with Simon and music mentioned in the IV as well.  What's your favourite Kiwi Song?

Click here to read more anout Simon or The book: On Song: Stories Behind New Zealand's Pop Classics

or Click here for a work about the book from Simon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This week on the adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid

On a Saturday Night - Community halls of small-town New Zealand - Michele Frey and Sara Newman/Photographs John Maillard and John O'Malley - Canterbury University Press $45.00
Yeah, it's great being out with the jokers
When the jokers are sparking and bright,
And its great giving cheek to the sheilas
Down the hall on a Saturday night ...
- Peter Cape, 1958
Down the Hall on a Saturday Night - Peter Cape 1958
I got a new pair of grey strides,
Michele Frey and Sara Newman visited these halls with photographers John Maillard (North Island) and John O'Malley (South Island) to talk to the locals and try to capture the essence of what each hall has meant - and means - to its community. This is the heart of the book and what makes this different from, say, a Robyn Morrison photo book. And it's these stories and pictures that give an aspect of New Zealand's unique culture that seems to be passing into history but fortunately is still alive.
Stag Spooner - Wild Man from the Bush (Craig Potton Press) $49.99

An illustrated diary kept by a deer hunter during 1939 and 1940 lies at the heart of an exciting new biography published later this month by Craig Potton Publishing . Neville ‘Stag’ Spooner grew up in the Wairarapa during the Great Depression. His father was an enthusiastic carver, musician and hunter who taught his whole family to shoot and also encouraged their artistic abilities.

Stag started keeping records of his daily life as a child and continued the practice during his military service in World War II, until his early death in Fiordland aged just 28. It was the illustrated diary that he kept while working as a deer culler for the Department of Internal Affairs, first in the Tararuas and then on the West Coast of the South Island, that is being reproduced for the first time as part of this new book.
Go to for more.  See you at 7.30 - This Thursday

Sunday, November 04, 2012

This Thursday (8/11/12) on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid - We Go All Nuke - again!

This week we are going to repeat last weeks show as some people have said they missed it due to our stream being temporarily 'off-air' due to the power cuts in New York (it's a strange world we now live in! - Shouldn't happen again as we now have backup servers in various parts of the world).

Our guest is Rebecca Priestley, a science writer and historian with a particular interest in New Zealand’s science history. Her anthology, The Awa Book of New Zealand Science, won the 2009 Royal Society of New Zealand Science Book Prize and Atoms, Dinosaurs & DNA: 68 Great New Zealand Scientists, co-authored with Veronika Meduna, won the Elsie Locke Award for Children’s Non-fiction in 2009. Rebecca curated The Art of Science, a joint exhibition between the Royal Society of New Zealand and the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, which opened in March 2011. As well as her regular science column for The Listener, she writes the occasional book review or travel feature and is working on two books: an anthology of Antarctic science and another on New Zealand’s nuclear and radiation history - Mad on Radium: New Zealand in the Atomic Age (AUP $44.99) .

Click her for background about this book and some very interesting vintage instruction movies about life in the Nuclear Age:

Tune in to the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid - Tonite from 7.30PM.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Vodaphone New Zealand Music Awards - Congratulations to all the Winners

Especially Kimbra (who we've supported from the start here at Groove). Her Song "Good Intent", from the album, Vows, is one hot little swing number and worth many more listens.  Also congrats to Ria Hall (Best Maori Album) and our friends The Black Seeds for best Roots Album. 

The award for best Jazz album has already been given out to Rodger Fox’s Wellington Jazz Orchestra for the album 'Journey Home' at the National jazz festival in Tauranga at Easter.

"International star Kimbra took out five Tuis, including the coveted album of the year prize, at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards in Auckland last night.

The Hamilton-born 22-year-old was presented with the Tui for her debut album Vows by British folk band Mumford and Sons at the Vector Arena.

Kimbra also won an international achievement award – along with last year's big winners The Naked and Famous – and claimed best female solo artist, breakthrough artist of the year and best pop album.

Legendary Kiwi band Toy Love were inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame with the presentation of the Legacy Award.

Band Six60 won six Tuis – best single, people's choice, best group, highest selling New Zealand album, and single, and the New Zealand radio airplay record of the year. Their self-titled album debuted at No 1 in the New Zealand charts and was certified gold in its first week.

There was glamour on the red carpet, but not from controversial group Home Brew, which arrived with a goat, which left an unfortunate brown stain on the red carpet. They picked up best urban/hip hop album for their No 1 self-titled release.

Local-actor-done-good Karl Urban took time out of his promotional schedule for the Hollywood hit Dredd 3D to present Auckland company Special Problems the best music video award for The Naked and Famous' The Sun. The production team was nominated for all three video finalists.

American singer Ben Harper presented the best roots award to The Black Seeds.

In a double win for the Nielson family, Ruban's Unknown Mortal Orchestra were best male solo artists, while Kody's Opossom group won the alternative album gong.

The Checks took out the male-dominated rock album award.

- © Fairfax NZ News
Click below for FULL LIST OF WINNERS and Video clips of the winners!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This week on The Adventures of the CoffeeBarKid - Selling The Dream

We look at Peter Alsop's amazing new coffee table book "Selling the Dream: The art of early New Zealand Tourism".  This stunning book has hundreds of great posters and art works plus some brilliant essays on various topics about NZ's early tourism days.  See you at 7.30 This Thursday night.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New on-air show hosted by Andrew London of Hot Club Sandwich

Andrew London
Andrew's new fortnightly show, Sound bites, air's alternate Tuesday nights from 5 - 6pm just after the news.
Next week (16/10/12) he features Kiwi Crooners from the past 3 decades. Male lounge singers who wannabe in Las Vegas, some who've returned from Las Vegas, and some who're happier in Rotovegas. He may even sneak in a tune or two of his own.
Sound bites is a fortnightly show which will air on Groove on Tuesday nights from 5 - 6pm as of this coming Tuesday. (The Lounge King has moved to Thursday's 5 - 6).

Thanks to Coast Access Radio for allowing us to re-broadcast the show.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tonight - New music with the CoffeeBar Kid

It's music night - new stuff comin' out my ears.  New music from Beth Orton, Little Budha, Claude Chatte, Trip to the Moon, Bette Laveytte, Guitar Mikey, Billy Bragg, Wilco and heaps more.
So tune in to The Adventures of the Coffee Bar Kid from 7.30 tonight and every Thursday.

Even before the Kid takes to the Mic we have a new addition to the Groove lineup:

Andrew London from Hot Club Sandwich interviews Julie Lamb

From 5 - 6pm tonight we launch Andrew's new show, Sound bites, and tonight he talks to Wellington muso Julie Lamb and playes music from her new and previous album's.
Sound bites is a fortnightly show which will air on Groove on alternate Tuesday nights from 5 - 6pm as of next week. (The Lounge King is moving to Thursday's 5 - 6).
Thanks to Coast Access Radio for allowing us to re-broadcast the show.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thursday 10th on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid

We're thrilled with tonite's guests: Nalini Singh and Eowyn Ivey - both extraodinary authors, and fantastic interviewees. Check out the Adventures of the Coffee Bar Kid at 7.30 tonite, Thursdays on Groove 107.7FM.

Eowyn Ivey
Nalini Singh
Click here for more information about the authors on our show - Eowyn \ Nalini

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Lounge King has returned every Thursday from 5.00 - 6.00pm!

The return of the international man of music and retro lounge style. He is like no-one else on radio, you must visit the velvet Boudoir of the :: The Lounge King ::

Now THURSDAY NIGHTS from 5.00 - 5.30pm exclusively on-air and online on Groove 107.7FM.

While I've got your attention, two more things:

  • I'd like to publicly thank Johnny from One eyed FM. That is the station that was broadcasting on the same frequency as us in Newlands and causing interference to our transmission. They shifted along the dial to 107.5FM which we really appreciate. As it happens, they have since moved the station to Blenhiem but are still streaming online and we wish them all the best.
  • As part of our continued test of the new streaming technology, please let us know if you cannot play the stream at your place of work (i.e. through a Firewall) but were able to previously (with the old player).
Ok, that's the housekeeping, back to the Grooving.

Monday, September 24, 2012

See final Live below the line diary entry and food summary in entry below this one.

We're doing it this week but if you want to join in, you can pick any 5 days to do the challange yourself - Can you live on less than $2.25 for food per day for 5 days (for a great cause)?

Join at the link below.

We had a chat to Will Waterson from the Global Poverty Project, the guy who brought 'Live below the line' to NZ to find out what it's all about...

Thought for the day...

If you have any money in your bank, in your wallet and some spare change in a dish somewhere, you are among the top 8% of the worlds most wealthy people.
Why not contribute some of that spare change to help eradicate extreme poverty in our livetime.
300 times the population of the New Zealand live on less than what $2.25 buys a day in here.

Please click this link now and to go to the Groove Live below the line page and sponsor the Groove team with all proceeds going to the Global poverty project.

Our much missed former Prime Minister on Living below the line.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's not to late to donate! - Updated 1st October. See diary below.

Please click this link now and sponsor the Groove team with all proceeds going to the Global poverty project.
We have set up a Groove team to take on the 'Live below the line' challenge; to live for 5 days on less than NZ$2.25 a day which is the NZ equivalent of the extreme poverty level.
Why? To draw attention to the 1.4 Billion people in the world who live there every day without the choice to do any different, and to raise funds for the Global Poverty Project which aims to eradicate extreme poverty in our lifetime.
Please click here to sponsor our team, read more, or join the team and take the challange yourself!
The idea in a nutshell
Diary Update:
Final day Friday!:
Toady for lunch and dinner we had:
  • Mildy curried sort of fried rice with the left over Pumkin, Carrots and remaining tinned crushed tomatoes. Still tasted good (by now anything tastes pretty good, though!)
The biggest test for me was on Friday evening at a birthday party in a pub function room. It was pretty tough having plates of hot food offered to us and having to say no, and then people would offer to buy me a drink and I'd have to turn that down as well and stick to my water. The reason for this is that the rules state that even if people give you food or drink it has to be factored into the budget.

I found my self counting down the minutes to midnight. In the end we were home by midnight and I rewarded myself with a nice piece of cake which tasted great. The reality is that we were only living at the poverty line for 5 days - (and we only factored in food, not all other living expenses). You can put up with just about anything if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But for the 1.4 Billion with no choice about it, there is no light, unless we light it for them. If you haven't yet, please donate at the link below.

So what was the grand total?
Click below for the total $ we consumed, a total ingredients list, and the rest of the weeks diary:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Groove audio stream BACK ONLINE! - Updated 21 Sept.

We're trialling the newer AACPlus streaming format which means it uses half the amount of data but the same or better audio quality! For example, if you have just a 3GB data plan, you can now listen 3 hours a day, every single day of the month and still have heaps of your plan left! As a bonus, with most tracks, you get a look at the album cover as well.

Please try out the player on the right and let us know your thoughts or any issues you have. If you can't listen on another website or way that you used to, please let us know.
It's also back up and running on mobile devices (through the Tunein app and, as of 20/9/12 on the NZ Radio app).

Click here to open a link to listen on your PC through Winamp, I-tunes, Windows media player (Vers 12), Media player classic, VLC etc. Note: With Windows media player, you need to click the seek bar to get it started.

So, the stream is back up but we need your support to keep it there. (Donate/Subscribe below the player).

Monday, September 10, 2012

PLEASE READ: A personal appeal from Groove founder, Dean Conland

If all of our listeners donated just $1 to Groove a month, we would never have to broadcast another commercial again. Our future would be assured we could obtain a licence to broadcast on 1000 times the power, and we could add more interesting program content. Unfortunately not everyone is going to do that, so we need you to consider contributing $5 or more a month. We have a 'Subscribe' option to make it easy (right hand side of this page).

If you enjoy Groove, you owe it to yourself and other Wellingtonians with style and musical taste to click the button below or on the right and help us in our time of need!

People pay up to $70 a month for subscriber TV so how bad would $5 a month or $20 every now and then be (donate button to the right for a one off of any amount) to ensure you can listen to your favourite music on Wellington's locally owned and operated cafe style radio station, the only one of its kind in NZ.

Pay as much or as little as you can and we'll love you for ever!

Remember you can catch the news on Groove with the 'Independent Network News', proudly Kiwi but not Auckland centric! Weekdays at 1pm, 5pm and 6pm on Groove 107.7FM. Incidentally, news sponsorship is available at only $70 per week including naming rights and promos.
Cheers for your support of Groove 107.7FM - A station that's actually NZ owned and handmade in Wellington for your listening pleasure!


This week on the 'Kid' - we talk to author Chris Cleave

“Cleave goes for the gold and brings it home in his thrillingly written and emotionally rewarding novel about the world of professional cycling … Cleave expertly cycles through the characters’ tangled past and present, charting their ever-shifting dynamic as ultra-competitive Zoe and Kate are forced to decide whether winning means more to them than friendship … Cleave likewise pulls out all the stops getting inside the hearts and minds of his engagingly complex characters. The race scenes have true visceral intensity, leaving the reader feeling breathless … From start to finish, this is a truly Olympic-level literary achievement.” – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)

Monday, August 27, 2012

RIP _ Neil Armstrong

Tributes are being paid to Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, following his death, aged 82.
Read about the continuing mystery (and missquote?) around those most famous words...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Resuming Transmission on the Adventures of The CoffeeBar Kid this Thurdasy Night

After a couple of weeks off the Kid is back with talking to the author of a new biography on Juliet Hulme/ Anne Perry.

In 1994, director Peter Jackson released the film Heavenly Creatures, based on a famous 1950s matricide committed in New Zealand by two teenage girls embroiled in an obsessive relationship. This film launched Jackson's international career. It also forever changed the life of Anne Perry, an award-winning, bestselling crime writer, who at the time of the film's release was publically outed as Juliet Hulme, one of the murderers. A new light was now cast, not only on Anne's life, but also her novels, which feature gruesome and violent deaths, and confronting, dark issues including infanticide and incest. Acclaimed literary biographer, Joanne Drayton, intersperses the story of Anne's life with an examination of her writing, drawing parallels between Anne's own experiences and her characters and storylines. Anne's books deal with miscarriages of justice, family secrets exposed, punishment, redemption and forgiveness, themes made all the more poignant in light of her past.

Plus we check out a new cook book that investigates the wilder side of the Kitches with:
Wild Kitchens - The Best of Monteiths Beer and Wild Food Challenge.
 A cookbook combining great wild food recipes and perfect beer matches, designed to be cooked and enjoyed by the home cook.
The Monteith’s Beer and Wild Food Challenge, now in its fifteenth year, attracts professional chefs from every corner of New Zealand. Their aim: to create the ultimate wild food dish matched perfectly with a Monteith’s beer or cider. From just 12 participants in 1998 to over 130 in 2012, the challenge is New Zealand’s longest-running national competition for restaurants.
In this collection of the best recipes from past challenges, as well as fresh, innovative and delicious new recipes from well-known New Zealand chefs, you can now take on the wild food challenge for yourself. All the recipes have been adapted by head judge, writer and beer matching expert Kerry Tyack, making them easy to create in your own kitchen.
Also included is a guide to Monteith’s beers and a history of the brewery on the West Coast, as well as an easy-to-use beer and food matching guide.

See the full review and hear the interview with the author at the coffeebar kid's page on the right.

Monday, July 30, 2012

This week we interview the 'Queen of The Coffee House' in Wellington - Suzy van der Kwast and also her biographer - Susette Goldsmith

Susette Goldsmith


Susette Goldsmith (pic left - photo Joseph Romanos) is a Taranaki-based writer, editor and journalist and she has delivered a book for all coffee lovers and those interested in it's history.

ONLY ON THE ADVENTURES OF THE COFFEEBAR KID - THURSDAY's FROM 7.30PM Suzys-coffee-house-history- On the Adventures of the Coffeebar Kid

I lived in Wellington as a young man in the 60's and remember well Suzy's and the stir it caused when it opened after strenuous opposition from the Wellington City Council. I also remember the Anne Barri shoe shop and associated coffee bar that was just a few doors away from Suzy's in Willis Street. What a novelty those places were at the time. Just across the road from them was the Zodiac, Wellington's first licenced restaurant. Happy memories for this bookman from a distant past!

Here's a few great snaps from the past -

Thursday, July 26, 2012

RIP Margaret Mahy - One of New Zealand's Greatest Writers

Margaret Mahy, ONZ (21 March 1936 – 23 July 2012) was an outstanding New Zealand author of children's and young adult books. Her passing was a loss experienced worldwide.
Many of her story plots had strong supernatural elements but her writing concentrates on the themes of human relationships and growing up. She wrote more than 100 picture books, 40 novels and 20 collections of short stories. She was one of thirty writers to win the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award, for her lasting contribution to children's literature.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This week on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid - A special Celebration of Local Music

This week we celebrate 21 Years of Rattle Records - Phil Broadbent - all they produce is unique,rare and beautiful.  See you at 7.30 this Thursday.  Only on Groove 107.7FM
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tonite on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid.

We take a look at new (old) albums by Neil Young, Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney, Runer, The Unthanks, and Lil' Band Of Gold (who will be touring Wellington in Early July)
We also have news on upcoming gigs - a new coffee House and much more.  See you at 7.30 tonite.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tonite on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid

Tonite we're back with interviews with Relationship Councillor Allan Pease (who has a new book out : Why Men Don't Have A Clue & Women Always Need More Shoes!), Science Reporter Veronika Meduna (who's also written a fantastic book - Science on the Ice) and Barnaby Weir, lead honcho from Wellington Dub, Soul and Reggae crew the Black Seeds in preparation for their two home coming shows at the Front Room this weekend (Sat and Sun)

Plus new music from the Civil Wars, Missy Higgins and Jeffery Lee Pierce

Further reading ....
Why Men Don't Have A Clue & Women Always Need More Shoes! - Approx $29.95 - $35.95
Why are men clueless about romance, love and relationships? Why do they avoid commitment? Why do men tell lies to women and think they can get away with it?
Click to Allan's website:

Science on Ice: Discovering the Secrets of Antarctica - Veronika Meduna

‘For some scientific questions, Antarctica is the best – and sometimes the only – place to look for answers. Visiting this frozen landscape is to gain a fresh perspective on our world, almost like going to another planet and looking back with renewed wonder on Earth.’

Read more on the Auckland University Press Website:

Check out the Black Seeds on:
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Final days of Kiwi music month!

We're going out of NZ music month with a bang! (Or a Groove).
From now until the end of a month we are alternating 1 hour on / 1 hour off Kiwi music. Every second hour is 100% Kiwi! That's more Kiwi than Kiwi FM!

And don't forget -
the names of the artists are on the player on our shows page.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tonite on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid - Ragtime!!!

That's right we interview Dayle Jellyman from The Roseneath Centenial Ragtime Band - who have a gig at the San Fransisco Bath House On Fri Day Nite.  Tune in to lean more!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This week on The Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid

This week we go back in time to learn about classic Kiwi cooking and how to create vintage recipes with modern ingredients with Barbara Keen.  We talk to her about her New Book - 'Grace and Flavour' (Go here for info).  Also check out a a recipe.

We also talk to Gerry Paul, who'se releasing his new book "Hank the Wrestling Shark".
Below is a wee taster and there's more on the Kid's website, too.

Tune in this week from 7.30 pm to learn moore -
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The Adventures of The CoffeeBar Kid
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Expresions of interest in Groove 107.7FM

Hopefully you already know that Groove is the only station of its kind in New Zealand and pretty much the only locally owned and operated independent commercial station in Wellington and the only station in the world broadcasting Wellington generated content 24 hours a day.

Well, we're inviting expressions of interest in the lease of the station including studio, equipment and use of transmission site either to continue Groove as a going concern or equipment/studio as set up to broadcast a format of your own choice.

As a second option, we would also consider sale of the station or equipment.

To find out more, email: dean at or call, leaving a message if neccesary, on 04-381 4766.

Dean Conland
Station Manager

Friday, April 13, 2012

Klaus Doldinger concert tomorrow night!

Groove currently has a number of Klaus's tracks on-air in the 'A' rotate.
Klaus Doldinger’s PASSPORT
"He refined the modest Kraut rock into world class Jazz rock." – Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Klaus Doldinger is German jazz royalty and is here in New Zealand with his band Passport for the very first time.

Regarded as the most successful German Jazz artist his list of achievements could fill a book: numerous German Music Awards, Monterey Jazz Festival Award, a German honorary Medal First Order, film music to 'Never Ending Story' and 'Das Boot', honorary citizen of New Orleans, tours to 50 countries, 2000 compositions and the list goes on...

On his first tour to Australia his warm up act was AC/DC! Doldinger has been on stage for nearly 60 years and his global touring schedule is still huge. He founded his band Passport 40 years ago and has always attracted the country's best musicians. It's no surprise that PASSPORT is the most celebrated live jazz act in Germany.

In his unique melodious style he weaves beautifully haunting melodies, picks up the pace with infectious sounds and rhythms often inspired by his trips to Brazil and Morocco.

Roll out the red carpet, this is your chance to see one of the greatest living saxophonists in the world on stage in Wellington.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ever wondered what that great track was?

For everyone who wonders what that great track they heard on Groove was we bring...

Another advance from the Groove 107.7FM technical boffins: We are now sending song title and artist information with the online audio stream so you can see the names and artists as they are playing. But wait, there's some players (like on our site) it'll also show a photo or album cover of the artist! Try out the player on our this page or the Shows page.

The song/artist info will also show in other players like I-tunes, Tunein etc.
There's also a list of previously played tracks at the Groove Tunein page but there is a bit of a problem at the Tunein website end currently and it misses some here and there. Let us know if it would be useful to you to have a list like this on our own site.