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Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Groove Book Report: Did You Hear A Monster? - Raymond McGrath

I really enjoyed reading this delightful monster-themed picture book with Emily, my five year old.  After a couple of times SHE read it to me!  The pictures a clean and dramatic but not scary or graphic.  The story is simple.  The main character, Clarice Caroline is not exactly a brave little girl.
In fact, she's a little bit of a frighty-cat, frightened of . . . EVERYTHING!
So, just in case, she always wears her helmet.  In the middle of the night, there is a bump and a thump.  And, despite her fear Clarice gets up to investigate.  What happens next is not a horror movie or something from a Wes Craven scrip.  Quite the opposite.  But that would be telling....

This book is the companion title to It's Not a Monster, It's ME! and the award-winning Have You Seen a Monster?  It's a simple story filled with a charming suspense, and a surprise twist.

The package includes a bonus CD with three songs performed by The Little City Critters, plus a read-along version of the story.  Good value!

Raymond McGrath is an award-winning animation director, animator, illustrator, designer and writer who has been working in children's television and advertising for nearly twenty years. He has completely lost count of the number of books he has illustrated, television shows he has worked on and TV commercials he has made (because that requires maths and remembering and he isn't so good at either). But he does remember that he loves gardening, photography, music and drawing, that he is the creator and director of the educational pre-school TV series Puzzle Inc, and that he has both written and illustrated numerous picture books.

Here's the Youtube clip from It's Not a Monster, It's ME!

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