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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Fizzy Pop - Emma Vere-jones and Kat Snushall

"Get me a soft drink!" yelled Lizzy McNay. "Get me a dozen! I'll drink them all day. Soft drinks for breakfast, soft drinks for brunch, Soft drinks for dinner, soft drinks for lunch!" Lizzy loves fizzy drinks. But on the day of the school cross country, Lizzy is involved in a carbonated catastrophe. Can her classmates save her? And will Lizzy ever change her fizzy ways? From the author of award winning picture book Stan the Van Man comes a fantastical tale of flatulence, fizzy drinks and friendship.

Fast-paced, catchy rhymes and ingeniously different font size for added emphasis and some well placed alliteration. Kate Snushall’s vivid illustrations keep the story moving and make it visually appealing.  Lots of action on each page.  The use of cropping to show both size and movement is also a very cool effect.  Anything with farting is bound to get kid's vote and this one pretty much rides on that one joke.  At times it's a bit lame but not to kids.  My two loved the idea.  Fizzy Pop made them laugh, while also having some subtle messages about over indulging on Coke and Fanta.  Cool.

Emma Vere-Jones is an author and journalist. Fizzy Pop is her second book. Her first, Stan the Van Man, published in 2015 by Scholastic NZ, was winner of the 2014 Storylines Joy Cowley Award.


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