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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Never Forget!

I've just returned from my first ANZAC day dawn ceremony at Wellington's cenotaph. What struck me most was the number and range of ages. The sheer numbers who'd turned out. They like me were not there as cynical pacifists, as I once was about this event. No. We were there not to honour but to thank and acknowledge all the service people who'd worked on on behalf to somehow try to make the worl...d safer and more tolerable. As wars continue. Conflicts continue to erupt. As disgruntled and passionate people choose violence to get their message accross, I wonder why they havn't come to something like this. Perhaps they might put aside their weapons and think about other ways to resolve their issues. After all wars, violence, conflict of any kind is started by people who are impatient to get their way, in spite of understanding the other side's view. What I noticed most about today's ANZAC commemoration was the silent plea of every attendee for peace and resolution. So thank you all soldiers, peace keepers and warriors. As I was reminded in the speeches, you were just ordinary people, like myself. And if you were brave enough to go so far, sacrifice your very lives to bring resolution to conflicts the least I can do is show a little tolerance. Never forget. Learn from history.
And speaking of history, I urge you to read it.  A good example, and fitting today is Jane Tolerton's book "An Awesully Big Adventure"  Click here to read the Groove Book Report.

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