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Saturday, April 20, 2013


Groove is not currently broadcasting on 107.7FM and may not re-commence broadcast.
You may have noticed that recently our FM signal has not been as strong as in the past. Since the property managers at our transmission site changed, we have not been allowed up to the site to perform maintenance on the transmitter until a new agreement was signed. Unfortunately it has taken 8 months for the agreement to come through and with it increased costs and other conditions that we can no longer justify.

We are still streaming online on this website and via the free Tunein and NZ Radio apps for mobile devices and listenership via the Internet in various ways is growing. Please continue to listen via these channels (we recommend downloading one of the free apps if you haven't already). We will continue to stream live as long as we can find some sponsorship. Of course you can help by donating or subscribing on the right.

If you would like to sponsor the station in general, or the stream in particular, please contact us (details below right).

Check back here for more info over the next days and weeks but in the meantime I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fantastic listeners, advertisers, and the Groove team for all the support over the 12 years we've been on air and 1.5 Million songs we've played (1 504 947 tonight by my calculation).

People assume that radio stations get money automatically from somewhere (actually it's generally overseas parent companies) but although we were just about the last real local Wellington station left, we didn't get any funding from NZ on-air, the council, the government or any other magical source. There hasn't really been enough to go around in this landscape of changing media and challenging business. Ironic, or fitting perhaps, that it is a week after the demise of what some would see as the sister media entity, in print; the fantastic Capital Times. Both treasured, just not enough businesses around with spare treasure to support them.

Thanks again and stay Grooving.

Groovemiester (Dean).

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