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Thursday, February 16, 2023


The Fringe Launch - Dec 2022 (Photos Tim Gruar)

It's finally happening! The New Zealand Fringe Festival has returned to the capital with more than 160 arts events due to be held over more than 40 venues.

It will run from tomorrow night, February 17 until March 11, hosting several award-winning international acts.  International shows that will be performed include The Pandemusical Diaries (San Francisco), Concept for a Film + Invisible Mending (United Kingdom), I Am King/Queen (Sydney), and Pillow Fight (Melbourne).

Local shows will include ARAWHATA by Wellington Ballroom and Suitcase Show by Trick of the Light.

The 23-day season is “set to wow and inspire Pōneke, offering an incredible lineup of local talents as well as welcoming back an array of exciting international artists, all spanning a myriad of genres and styles”, said Vanessa Stacey, director of the Fringe Festival.

New Zealand Fringe Festival welcomes first-timers, one-off attendees, and seasoned Fringe fanatics!

NZ Fringe Festival is an open-access festival, which means that artists and performers are free to register their events without any barriers. Each year's programme depends entirely on who decides to register and we're lucky to always have a stunning array of talented people join us each year. It's a real lucky dip of bold, daring and diverse works!

OK, so where is it?

The Festival isn’t held in one singular location, rather a myriad of venues all across Wellington to the outskirts of town partake in facilitating the Fringe. For example, we have shows happening from seasoned arts venues such as Te Auaha, Hannah Playhouse, The Gryphon, to out-of-the-box spaces like the Wellington Zoo, Botanic Gardens and even a board games cafe... anything is possible! Refer to our venue map here to see where NZ Fringe is happening in 2023.

Get Fringeeeeee! 

Step out of your comfort zone. Go to shows you wouldn’t normally go to. You never know, you just might discover something new about yourself. The most important part of Fringe is getting out there and having fun.

Take me to the Tix! 

Nau mai haere mai to the Fringe Box Office! Located at 17 Allen Street, Te Aro, Wellington. You can pick up your physical tickets here at the following times:

10am to 6pm, Tuesday - Saturday.

11am to 4pm, Sunday - Monday.

From 15 February 2023 onwards.

Get online and get to the shows! 

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