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Friday, February 25, 2022

There's a giant Wheke in Wairepo Lagoon and other things - Kura Moana - Aotearoa NZ Festival Of the Arts

Experience this gift to Wellington as you wander the waterfront and discover local stories animated in new ways.  Artist in Focus, Lisa Reihana has created Kura Moana, a series of instalations around the Capital's harbour as part of the Festival of the Arts.  They are:

- Pūrākau - City to Sea Bridge - Jervois Quay
- Te Wheke-a-Muturangi - The Adversary - Whairepo Lagoon 
- Kupe Raiatea - He Karanga - Taranaki Street Wharf Tableau 
- Vivant - Te Papa Lagoon Te Wheke - The Battle - Te Papa Lagoon 
- Ngā Kaikanikani ō te Rangi - The Sky Dancers - Waitangi Park

Pūrākau - City to Sea Bridge - Jervois Quay The magical presence of the giant wheke (octopus) Te-Wheke-a Muturangi is all around you. Augmented reality reveals Te-Wheke-a Muturangi against the Wellington skyline. 

Use the QR code to download the app to see and hear a Pūrākau. Te-Wheke-a Muturangi speaks about being a goddess while taking selfies. She hovers above the pouwhenua of Para Matchitt’s bridge, their navigational symbols mark the original waterfront. 

You can download the Pūrākau app from Apple Store & Google Play.

The creator of this work Lisa Reihana talks about her time as Artist in Focus and her work for the festival in the video below.  


Learn all about these free interactive installations at: AOTEROA NEW ZEALAND FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS

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