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Friday, May 01, 2020


Photo: McKenzie Jennings-Gruar
Today marks day one of the annual New Zealand Music Month 

This year is also the 20th Anniversary but it's markedly different from any other time.  Normally, we'd be out every night at concerts, record launches and in-store promotions.
This will be the first (hopefully the only) year that we have to celebrate our fantastic musicians only through digital means.  Social distancing is completely the opposite of what NZ Music is about.  It's about intimacy, raves, partying, celebration, Darkness and Light.

Of course Groove FM is playing a whole heap more Kiwi music than ever. In fact, for the last week of the month, every 2nd hour will be 100% Kiwi music and, to go out with a bang, the final day of May is 100% NZ music all day! We'll also be featuring plenty on this website and our Facebook page, too.

As a result of the Covid-19 lock down, this year's theme is simple: Support local. Stream local. Follow local. Buy local. 
To support that there are heaps of events that had been planned for our small screens, including streamed performances, music releases, and even an online music summit.
The annual NZ Music Month Summit will commence on Saturday 23rd May as an online event in collaboration with the NZ Music Manager’s Forum, including discussions with NZ artists and music industry professionals around the NZ Music Month theme of supporting our local music industry.  This will be a great opportunity for those out of towners to be part of the event and may even be a boost to numbers attending.  We'll let you know more details about the key speakers and panels as the info comes to hand.

Holiday Records are excited to present a special promotion to select an aspiring artist to have their music pressed as New Zealand’s first 7-inch manufactured since 1987!

Entries are open until Wed 13 May.  The prize includes 300 x 7-inch records pressed and packaged by Holiday Records, recording time, plus mixing at Roundhead Studios, vinyl mastering from Munki Studios and artworks and creative services from Sunday Best!

And, off course, you gotta get the NZ Music Month merch.  This year Hallensteins are back, promoting three unique printed tees, designed by local artists - available to purchase from the Hallensteins website.  Purchasing these also helps Kiwi musicians - with proceeds from sales being donated to MusicHelps this year.

Hallensteins are also sponsoring Live In the Lounge, which supports local groups playing from inside their bubble.  Log in here and check out the line ups:

Check out the NZ Music Month Website for all the gigs:

So get stuck in.  It's all coming to your door and laptop or phone - so no excuses to celebrate!
Support local. Stream local. Follow local. Buy local.

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