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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Photos: AARADHNA - San Fran, Wellington, 13 Oct 2018

Photos: Tim Gruar

Groove's very own CoffeeBar Kid caught the show on Saturday night and took a couple of snaps.

The show opened with Emily Muli, backed by two of Aaradhna's team.  Her almost crystal perfect voice and harmonies are just to die for.  She later came back as backing for the main act.
Aaradhna, herself was a star, winning over her crowd, which was in full force.  Many of her 'own peeps', as she called them, were in the house and very vocal, singing along to every number and dancing like there was no tomorrow.  At one point Aaradhna stopped the show to light a cake and wish her partner a happy birthday.  She and her three-piece, plus 2 BV's, played tunes from all her albums including her latest Brown Girl - like Talk Sweet To Me, Under The Blue Moon, and the sultry and soulful I'm The One For You, amongst others.  Towards the end of the show, she also played the mandatory hit Wake Up.

Performance-wise, it was a great show.  However, the audience, being mostly younger, did not seem respectful enough, and at times I found their loud talking to almost be drowning out the performance.  That, I guess is always a bit of a sad thing.   Overall, though, it was a great show.

Photos by Tim Gruar (aka The CoffeeBar Kid)

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