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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Water at WOMAD


Womad wants to encourage people to choose reusable commodities and minimise the amount of waste going to landfills. They're also believe water is a resource that people should always have free access to.

So, in 2017 we've teamed up with Globelet to rework water at WOMAD. They'll  no longer be selling disposable water bottles, WOMAD will now feature a number of water fountains.Festival goers can either buy a Globelet reusable drink bottle or bring their own (non-glass, empty) drink bottle and fill up for free at one of the water fountains.

In the mood for something a bit fancy? Sparkling water and filtered, chilled water will also be available at the Aqua+ station at a cost of $2 per 500mLs.

Globelet resuable drink bottles can be purchased from the WOStore and the Aqua+ station and will be $5 each.

Festival Tip: Look out for the black tap image on the WOMAD Map - this will show you where the free water fountains are located on-site!

We've been offsetting our carbon emissions since 2012 and have contributed to a number of initiatives including tree planting across Australasia and India.

For 2017 we've made the move to offset our emissions solely in New Zealand and have partnered with Ekos to support the Rarakau Rainforest, located on Māori land in the South Island.

The Māori landowners at Rarakau have given up the right to sell rainforest timber in exchange for the opportunity to sell carbon credits. This project is certified and is New Zealand's first and only rainforest carbon project that protects tall indigenous forest!

We buy carbon credits with Ekos to offset the festival's carbon footprint, this includes everything from waste, freight, electricity, accommodation, artist and stall holder travel, our merchandise and wristband manufacturing - even the cable ties we use!

You can offset your carbon emissions too
Ekos have estimated the average WOMAD participant causes just under 0.35 tCO2e emissions from travel, accommodation and off-site waste. $6 buys 0.35 tCO2e carbon offsets to 'neutralise' these emissions so that your WOMAD experience does not contribute to climate change. By offsetting your emissions you'll also be helping to save the Rarakau Rainforest.

You can offset your CO2 emissions as a WOMAD 2017 participant for $6.00 per person. Each participant will receive an official certificate:

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