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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This week on the Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid - Wonderchef: Brett McGregor

This week on the CoffeeBar Kid, my guest is Brett McGregor, whose new book "A Taste of Home" (Random House) is a winner. 

It covers good wholesome, easy to make food that all the family can make, and more importantly - afford. There's not a lot of big, overpriced imgrediant on the menu here, so you can be confident good ideas for cheap satisfying meals.

I have a chat at the Southern Cross over breakfast and even reveal a few culinary secrets of my own.  Join me from 7.30 this Thursday

Below are a few photos of my attempts at a chorizo risotto.  I substitute pearl barley for rice, due to a shopping oversight.  The dish still works pretty well though. 

I think Brett was impressed!

You can read all about his new book at his website:

Also, tonight we review two new books - the latest Bridget Jones by Helen Fielding (Yes she's back and more paranoid than ever!) And, speaking of back, so is Bond. Yes a new novel, written in the style of the other great Fleming of the literary world. Check my reviews/transcripts for these books here:

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