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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Idealog's "An open letter to Judith Collins about government website ‘hacks’"
By Ben Gracewood, July 31, 2013 @ 12:44 pm

Some here at Groove are not happy about the path this is taking.
I for one agree with Ben's comments. I condone hacking any website, but i do note that the protest action, in this case was a situation of ends justifying the means. This Government's disregard for citizen rights and it's aproach seems very 1991. Why, when America is challenging the whole homeland security approach are we now starting to go on the same journey overy 12 years later? Havs we learn't nothing about diplomacy and tact. And really what is the point of the GCSB anyway. Why not strengthwen the SIS, given them the right powers and be open and transparent about their activities, whether that affects internal or extenal players. I wonder still if Kim Dotcom has something to hide. But, at the same time what is it? And why can't the exrrdition court make this transparent, too. If he is a threat, if the new laws to the GCSB are a threat, why all the misguided secrecy. All this proves what a bungling mess. I would have to agree with the hackers on this point. Freeze all new legistlation until a proper Select Committee Hearing can be conducted.

To see the full open letter click here:

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