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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's all Rock'n'Roll in Wellington

Well, by the grace of Groove, we are still on air.  The Groove towers may have been under threat from the great elements but we are still online - TG for that!

Keep tuning @

Wellington was hit by a 6.5 rs earthquake and many aftershocks from Sunday night and they are still occuring.  The epicentre is 30KM out in Cook Strait, near Seddon.  Seddon was hit realitively har.  Yealands Vinyards, a local business lost a reported $100K worth of wine. Wellington's Featherston St was the hardest hit, with broken windows and falling masonry.  No loss of life, four minor injuries.  As a precaution everyone was discouraged to remain away from the CBD yesterday whilst the engineers checked for structural damage. Wellington faired well with very little in the end.  Thank the Creator for that!

Groove's programming may be upset this week wilst the shaking settles down.  We'll still be on air ( Stay tuned Groovers!

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