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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adventures of the CoffeeBar Kid is Back tonite!

Slightly weather beaten but still standing!  Groove is back to power and normal service has resumed! So we return to our regularly scheduled programme.  Tonite we'll play a fascinating intrview with historian and writer Mark Derby about his new book 'White Collar Radical: Dan Long and the rise of white collar unions'.  This is a brilliant documentary of one of New Zealand's gentleman unionists.  A man responsible for the success of New Zealand's largest union the PSA, and a leader credited with significant gains for Women in pay and equality in the work place.  He's also the one behind the dress code for public servants: walk shorts, brown cardigans, socks and roman sandals!  If you grew up surrounded by anti-unionist rhetoric of the Muldoon government in the 80's then join us, from 7.30 tonight, for a slightly different history of New Zealand. 

You can also find out more about Mr Long here:

Also, just to add to the flava we'll be featuring an episode of the Men From the Ministry, a British radio comedy series that ran on the BBC between 1962 and 1977. 

These are the hilarious, stiff upper lipped adventures into pure incompentancy.  The most ironic thing about the series was the ability of a highly state owned service such as the BBC to laugh at it's own public service which in the post war years was both hated for its officious bueracracy and reverred as the largest employer in Brittain.  There was also a deep suspicion fo socialist activity afoot and a deep mistrust of any one in a bowler hat!  Ultimately it was this series that provided the ferile ground for the Goons and Monty Python to make fun ofof the British demeanor. 
Of course New Zealand also had it's version, Roger Hall's emmensely polpular Gliding On which was first a play, then a TV series.  It launched the careers of Ross Jolly and Ray Henwood (Commedian Dai Henwoods Welsh dad).

You can still catch a few of the shows at (

Tally ho and all that.  See you at 7.30.

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