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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Whittaker's and Being. Create Beats You Can Eat

In honour of NZ Music Month (May), Whittaker's have joined forces with up-and-coming Kiwi musician/songwriter Jasmine Balmer, also known as BEING., to create New Zealand's first edible record made of Whittaker's chocolate.

As New Zealand's Most Trusted Brand, Whittaker's is pleased to be part of celebrating our home-grown talent and creative spirit with a chocolate record that tastes as sweet as it sounds.

BEING's Jasmine Balmer, who contributed her new single Fold Into The Sea, says she was hooked by the innovative concept and is honoured to partner with Whittaker's as a much-loved local brand.

"When Whittaker's originally asked me to be involved, they sent through a teaser video of their prototype and I got goose-bumps! I honestly didn't think it was possible to produce a working record made entirely out of chocolate, but Whittaker's have done it!" says Ms Balmer.

Whittaker's Marketing Manager, Jasmine Currie, says the process to create a chocolate record that successfully plays good quality music took months to perfect.

"We used melted Dark Ghana Chocolate which we then poured into a record-shaped mould. The key was to get the tempering of the melted chocolate just right, which we achieved after a lot of trial and error.

"We think the end result is a great-sounding record that has the warm quality of vinyl - maybe a little scratchier but inherently a lot sweeter nevertheless," says Ms Currie.

What does a real chocolate record sound like? Find out here:

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