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Friday, October 20, 2017

Nice Work NZ First! Congratulations to the Labour and Green Party's!

Most of us agree that we wake up this morning to a better future for New Zealand with Winston Peters and the NZ First party deciding to form a coalition government with Labour and the Greens.

Jacinda Adern is now our Prime Minister elect, our first Labour Prime minister in 9 years.
With a mix of policies from the 3 party's most Kiwi's will be better off financially, more people will be able to buy their own house, the environment will be better cared for and we'll be doing a bit more of our fair share towards slowing climate change...and lots more.

A reminder to anyone worried about the change: Last time they were in power, Labour made a surplus every one of the 9 years in Goverment apart from the year they took power whereas National has had a deficit for each of the 9 years they were in power except 2017.

A final thought: In NZ in the end, lying still doesn't pay.

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