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Monday, July 30, 2012

This week we interview the 'Queen of The Coffee House' in Wellington - Suzy van der Kwast and also her biographer - Susette Goldsmith

Susette Goldsmith


Susette Goldsmith (pic left - photo Joseph Romanos) is a Taranaki-based writer, editor and journalist and she has delivered a book for all coffee lovers and those interested in it's history.

ONLY ON THE ADVENTURES OF THE COFFEEBAR KID - THURSDAY's FROM 7.30PM Suzys-coffee-house-history- On the Adventures of the Coffeebar Kid

I lived in Wellington as a young man in the 60's and remember well Suzy's and the stir it caused when it opened after strenuous opposition from the Wellington City Council. I also remember the Anne Barri shoe shop and associated coffee bar that was just a few doors away from Suzy's in Willis Street. What a novelty those places were at the time. Just across the road from them was the Zodiac, Wellington's first licenced restaurant. Happy memories for this bookman from a distant past!

Here's a few great snaps from the past -

Suzy's Coffee Lounge
The Original De Luxe in Kent Tce

The French Maid

The Matterhorn
Check out our special pages on Suzy's on the CoffeeBar Kid Page  - with history and photos :
Suzys-coffee-house-history- On the Adventures of the Coffeebar Kid