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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Interference to Groove's FM coverage - Update 2/2/12

We're sorry to advise that on-air reception of our FM signal is about 50% worse than usual at the moment and a station (One eyed FM) that has started broadcasting in Newlands is breaking in to the signal. We believe there may have been storm damage to the antenna system from the high winds over the last few weeks. It seems to be a combination of the damaged Antenna system and interference from the Newlands station.

Watch this space - In the meantime, if reception's not perfect at your place:
  • remember you can listen online via the player above or on your mobile device via the free Tunein radio app. (Sponsorship of the stream is available at $30/week - Our contact details bottom right of this page).
  • Please consider making a donation with the buttons on the right. We don't want this to be the final straw that spells the end of the only Cafe style radio station in NZ (and the last locally owned commercial radio station in Wellington).
The Groovemiester (Station Manager).

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