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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Groove petrol price Guru predicts petrol about to go down!

Hold off filling the car up with petrol...
As the output of our exclusive Groovamatic petrol price forecaster shows, at 22/6/11 (today) our Guru predicted that the price is about to go down to approximately NZ$1.99!
In reality, as of today it should be at $1.95 but we can't quite see them going that far.

How does the Groove petrol Guru know?

Using a secret formula based on wholesale barrel price, US$ exchange rate and 'normal' petrol company margin. The pink line is the actual price at the pump in Wellington over the last few months. The purple line is what you could expect the price to be on the day based on the factors mentioned above.

Another friendly community service from Groove 107.7FM.

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