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Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Groove Jazz lounge a blast

Man, what a great vibe at the Ruby lounge last Wednesday with the Reuben Bradley Trio that became on Octet! One of the great things about the Groove jazz lounge is that you don't know quite what, who or how many you're going to get on the night. Even the band can't be sure!

Last week was a great example with Jonathan and then Terry Crayford both playing accoustic piano, up to 3 saxes at once including a visiting New york player, Paul Dyne on bass, lovely female vocals by someone who's name gone out of my head sorry! (I'll update that bit) and none other than the infamous talented street performer, Toby, beat boxing on some tunes! (Sure I've missed someone).

For the full calendar and more details go to the Ruby lounge website (link right and below).
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