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Friday, March 06, 2009

We're BACK!

Hey. Hey. Coffee Bar Kid Here and back on line. Life has been full on for the Groove Crew. Dean has had a new Kidney replacement, The Kid's new daugther, Katie was born on 15/2 (Forever to be known as DJ Demitasse - get it), and the Wellington Jazz Festival is up and running. Plus, Groove Goes to WOMAD in New Plymouth next week. Whew!

OK, first tings first. Big ups to the mysterious donor who provided Dean, our Station Manager with the kidney. Dean had been suffering from a condition that slowly saw the shut down of both hiskidneys and had already forced him on to dialysis. thanks to the gerous donation, Dean was able to re-gain his life, and dignity again. it also meant he could look forward to working full time again (Dialysis involves long periods of down time while the 'blood cleaning' process goes on - 12 hours every 2 nights on average, it varies) What that means, is that the possibility of leading a life, less a night life is severly restricted. When Dean went on holiday a couple of years ago he had to drop into prescheduled hospitales to dialise - you get the idea of how diabilitating this can be. So long story short, Dean's op went well last year and an enjoyable, relef-ful, Xmas was held. Dean's now back on his feet, gainful employment has smiled on him, and perhaps love, too. Yes you heard right. Welcome to the lovely Pam, who is frequenting Dean's new life.

Speaking of Greeting, the Kid would like to say a big Theankyou to Katie-Kat - who has now departed us to Christchurch. Rergular Thursday listeners will have heard her and the Kid on Air late last year getting up to all hhi-Jinx. We'll Miss Ya, Kat. Aroha!

And welcome to the new Kat. Bearly 2 weeks old she's already grooving to Sola Rosa's new album, Kate Elizabeth Gruar joined the home crew at the Kid's house on 15 February, after the usual birthing excitements. Kate, DJ Demitasse, to you, loves pink, milk and sleeping but is keeping her options open - not dought her sister McKenzie will be looking for oppotunities to subject her to Hi-Five and Hannah Montana. But you'll be please to know, Baby Jazz, the CD is very big at the residence right now, thanks Mingus for that!

Speaking of Mingus, the Mingus Big Band plus loads of others are at the Wellington Jazz Festival this week! Yo Yo Mama! As is the Sexy Melainie Pain, whom I saw in a little off-festival bar show last nite, what a voice, babies! Sarah at Transmit very kindy hooked the Groove team up with some Tickets to see shows, Roy Ayers and Otis Taylor were fan froggin'tastic. See my review on the next blog.

Finally Groove will be doing the Do at WOMAD (you heard us!) Next weekend (13-15 March) in the 'Naki. The artist list is massive check the links for the scedule - Looking forward to seeing Anika Moa, Speed Caravan, Gurrumul and Fat Freddy's Drop to name but a few.

Well I gotta blog more often - my fingers are burnin' Blog soon Groovers, Ka kite Anou - Coffee Bar Kid

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