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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

LA Mitchell In town for 1 Show

Just in LA Mitchell the Canterbury Jazz/Soul Singer is in Town to release here new album "Lve at the Matterhorn"

Playing at the Famous Matterhorn 8 October
- contact them on 03 849918

Background:: The evening of April 23, 2008 was a watershed moment for LA Mitchell as she prepared to perform. This was no ordinary gig, nor was it an ordinary venue. It was a triumphant return to Wellington to play at the world famous Matterhorn, following in the giant footsteps of Fat Freddy's Drop at the same venue that catapulted them to heights never before reached in NZ music.
For the entirely independent Kiwi musician, the performance represented a significant new stage in her career, when she would build on the success of her acclaimed 2007 album Debut with an album that would solidify her status as one of the rising talents of homegrown music.
LA Mitchell: Live at the Matterhorn is a gorgeous album of her original music spliced with new tracks and reinterpretations of classics. The album sees Mitchell uncork a sparkling collection of seductive soul and jazz, that reveals her undeniable talent as both a singer-songwriter and musician.
Recorded live one special evening at the famous drinking and dining venue, to a crowd that was tightly packed in and full of anticipation, LA Mitchell: Live At The Matterhorn captures the magic of the atmosphere. Playing at the Famous Matterhorn 8 October - contact them on 03 849918

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