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Friday, November 11, 2005

On "Rumble" tonite: A tour thru the Playboy Mansion

Tonite we take a musical tour through the infamous Playboy Mansion courtesy of Dimitri-From-Paris. Although Dimitri is onto his third residency at Hugh's, he took time out to compile a little mix tape for us so that we too can sample the velvet wallpaer, 3 inch shag pile, satin sheets and heart shaped king sized beds. Supported by Dimitri's copatriots I:Cube, La Funk Mob, DJnxx and Kwartz tonite promises an evening of decadent aural ambience. So mix up a dry martini, chuck on velour robe and pull up a laz-e-boy.

Tonite we skip the articles and head straight for the centerfold!

And always, cruise with attitude

Rumble thru the crates 6pm to whenever every Thursday on Groove 107.7 - Cafe Style Radio

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